RV Service - FAQ's

Do I need a reservaton to get service work performed?

The answer is yes. Year round our service department is very busy and we need to schedule who is coming in. We work hard to allocate the proper amount of time to each customer and we try not to overbook. We also will schedule an "active delivery" when you pick your RV up from us. Again, we allocate time with you to show you that the repairs were completed to your satisfaction before you leave.


Why is my battery dead after sitting for 5 or more days?

RV's are equipped with LPG detectors, CO detectors and stereos that are wired into the 12 volt system. Although the amp draw is small, after several days it will deplete the battery. Make sure the TV booster is in the off postion as this will draw amps from the battery.  We recommend battery disconnects to prevent this from happening.


How often should I inspect and clean my roof?

We suggest visually inspecting your roof at least 4 times per year; checking for voids and cracks in the sealant around your vent caps, sky lights and transition moldings. We also recommend performing a roof wash and condition at least 2 times per year to keep the rubber membrane from deteriorating and getting chalky from drying out.


When should I repack my wheel bearings?

We recommend you should have the trailer wheel bearings repacked every 12,000 miles to 4,000 miles. While we are repacking your bearings, we will also check your brakes for proper wear.


Do you provide storage for RV's?

Yes, we have approximately 150 spaces available to accommodate travel trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes. We over valet service so all you have to do is call or email 24-48 hours prior to pick up and we will have your unit on our fence ready when you arrive.


It is summer and I am a traveler with a service problem. Can you help me?

Yes, give us a call and we will do our best to get you repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible. We give all of our service customers the same great friendly service no matter if you purchased from us or not. We value your business!


Do you do tire blowout damage repair and body work?

Yes, we have trained technicians with years of experience. We can do both aluminum and fiberglass RV's - everything from minor to complete reskinning, sidewall replacement and roof replacement. We work with all insurance companies as well.


I just purchased an RV from an individual and I do not know how to use all the appliances. Can you help me?

Yes, we have trained technicians that can walk you through all the in's and out's on how to operate your RV. There is a fee for this service so call ahead for pricing and to schedule an appointment.


If I purchased my RV from a dealer in the Route 66 RV Network, do I need to inform you first?

Yes, priority service is provided to our Route 66 customers. If you have a R66 Service Contract, please inform of this as well. Route 66 Service Contract customers only pay a $34 deductable ($66 discount off of their $100 deductable amount). If you wish to purchase an extended service contract, please email trip@unitedrv.com or call us. We will be glad to help you.

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