Roof Maintenance Class


United RV will be hosting a FREE RV Roof Maintenance Class on Saturday, April 15th in our climate controlled shop. This is the one class that you will not want to miss out on. It is the biggest class we host every year with hundreds of people in attendance! It is open to the public no matter where you purchased your RV. Feel free to invite your friends and RVing family to join you for this seminar.

We will be discussing the most serious aspect of RV ownership from 9:00 am through around noon. The roof, and subsequent maintenance, is one of the most important aspects of RV ownership and we will be showing you how to to prevent water leaks, maintain your roof, clean and seal, peel and seal, patch your roof, maintain transitions, and more.

We look forward to this seminar every year because it is one of the most in depth classes we host. There isn't any kind of book or online video that covers everything that we cover in this class. This will be a hands on experience where we will teach you the things every RVer needs to know in order to protect your RV from expensive repairs, and ultimately how to keep it out of our shop and spending more time at the campground!

We will have giveaways, and again this is a FREE class that we offer up as a way to help the RV community maintain their RV roof. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you.
Even if you have been to one of the previous classes, there is always something new folks pick up that they missed.

We have special parking set aside for those traveling in their RV, but please reach out to Jim Vititow for more details. We will be allowing people to stay the night if they choose to travel in their RV versus a hotel or campsite. 

We will have limited chairs and tables, so it is recommended that you bring one of your folding camp chairs with you. The shop will be open as early as 8:30 am, so get here early if you're wanting a seat up front. We will begin the class promptly at 9:00 am with several breaks. We will be serving burgers for lunch after the class as well.

Feel free to ask any questions you have and I will try to address them accordingly. Happy camping and safe travels to you and your family in 2023 from all of us here at United RV!

For questions regarding this seminar, please email Jim Vititow at or call at 817-343-3945.   


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