ROUTE 66 Larry Coker Commitment Award


Greg Gerber posted on October 20, 2011 15:59


OVERLAND PARK, Kansas -- The Route 66 RV Network presented Bill White, co-owner of United RV Center in Fort Worth, Texas, with the Larry Coker Commitment Award at their recent 2011 Rally held in San Antonio, Texas.

This annual award is named in memory of Larry Coker, a long-time RV industry colleague and Route 66 associate who passed away unexpectedly in February 2009.

“Larry was committed to making the vision of the network a reality. He loved his work, he loved our dealers and he believed in what he was doing," said Rob Merrill, a partner in Route 66. "His faith, sense of humor, optimism, humility and dedication were evident to everyone he met.”

The Larry Coker Commitment Award is presented to the Route 66 RV Network dealer who best reflects Coker's total commitment to building the Route 66 brand.

“Bill and Kevin White -- and the entire United RV Center team -- truly embrace what it means to be a Route 66 dealer. It goes well beyond the dealership’s branding and promotions. It is deeply ingrained in their culture and the hearts & minds of their associates,” said Merrill.

In addition to the dealership recognition that this award delivers to the recipient, Route 66 also donates that dealership’s total annual network membership fee to a college education fund in their name to support Larry’s daughter, currently a high school senior.

United has been a Route 66 member since shortly after the network was founded in 2004. It was about two years into their membership, however, that the owners and key members of the United RV management team decided it was time to go “all in” with Route 66 and tie the United RV brand with Route 66, said White.

That meant participating in the full suite of Route 66 offerings and customer benefits. White also served two years on the network’s dealer advisory board, contributing to the strategic planning for Route 66.

“The Route 66 vision and strategy are perfectly aligned with the United RV brand," said White. "We have always had taking care of customers as our top priority, and the many locations, savings and service offerings of Route 66 dramatically extend what we are able to offer as one dealership. It’s great to know that wherever our customers travel throughout the nation, there is a Route 66 dealer committed to treat them like they were their local customer.”

Past recipients of the Larry Coker Commitment Award include Colerain RV Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Walnut Ridge Family RV Center in New Castle, Ind.

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