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Camping is an affordable way to decompress from the stresses of our daily schedules. Camping affords you the opportunity to strengthen the family bond, as well as an opportunity to get to know nature. Texas is the largest state in the union, and affords you a vast number of terrains to enjoy! From the gulf coast shores to the piney woods of north east Texas. Camping is just as much a fraternity as it is as lifestyle. You will meet the best humanity has to offer while camping. Over the last 30+ years of RVing I have made countless friends with similar interests and have found myself travelling and camping with them just as I would any family member.



United RV is very in tune with the RVing community that we have been faithfully serving for the past 50+ years. How do we connect so well with the RVing community? Many of our employees are RV owners themselves. They can assist you with your questions and needs because they have been there themselves. We were the first RV dealer to create a Facebook page that we sponsor, giving them access to us 24/7, and the RVing community that has been growing rapidly since the 1940s. Our sponsored group North Texas Campers & RVers has thousands of local members, we host training classes here at United RV on a regular basis, and we camp regularly with the members of the RVing community as well as our customers. It’s an experience unlike any other.

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Owning an RV gives you the freedom to take a vacation every weekend. Before I got into RVing we would take the traditional two weeks a year to common destinations, absorb expensive travel expenses, lodging expenses, and sleep in a bed that thousands of others had. Owning your own RV means you can hook on any Friday you want and head out to countless regional destinations and enjoy a relaxing weekend with friends and family. There is no other hobby and or investment that comes close to owning a RV. Because of the climate of north Texas you can camp year round with your family, friends, and fellow RVers you have met along the way.



Click on both of the links below, and they will take you to two of our most popular resources for RV owners, those looking to learn more about the lifestyle, new RV owners, and you can witness first-hand what an amazing opportunity RV ownership will gift you with. In “North Texas Campers & RVers” we have over 9,000 local members that consist of both veteran RVers there the help you with your questions and the learning curve, and there are plenty of new owners who have the same questions you do. In “RVing Explained” you will find it to be the best resource for overcoming obstacles, troubleshooting, tips, and lots of answers under the FILES tab. This particular group has members from all over North America!

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